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How relevant does Google think your website is?

The quality of your onsite SEO optimisation is becoming more critical. You think your website is really relevant; but what does Google think?

Is automated social media really sociable?

Social media is a hot potato for many businesses; they know they should be doing it but that don’t have, or want to dedicate resources for it. Add to this the fact that there are so many social media platforms out there, with users not really sure of which ones they should be investing in and you can certainly begin to understand why so many utilise some form of automation in their social media efforts. The question is though is automated social media really sociable? Scheduled posting Scheduled posting to… Read more »

Private blog networks aren’t dead – They are just private

Private blog networks aren’t dead! Private blog networks are very much alive and kicking and still a very strong tool to promote your website.

Social Media is for engagement and extending reach not SEO

Social media is a fantastic source of additional traffic; a fact forgotten by many people who see it as merely an SEO tool.

Google’s mobile friendly update and you

Google is rolling out its mobile friendly update. People could lose web traffic because they don’t have a mobile friendly website.

Should you have a blog on your business website?

Should you have a blog on your business website? Here are some of the pro’s and cons of doing so and whether it is the right choice for your business.

Should you be complacent with a mobile friendly badge for your website?

On April 21st Google will heavily impact search results for mobile users is having a page that passes as mobile friendly enough and should you be complacent?

Google announces doom date for non-mobile friendly websites

Google has announced that websites that aren’t mobile friendly will not rank as high on mobile search results from April 21st 2015.

Now is the time to make sure your website is mobile friendly

How much of your Google search traffic uses mobile devices? Google began mass emailing web-masters to notify them if their websites are not mobile friendly